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Glossary of Expressions

Have some fun!

Try saying them BEFORE you listen. Just try it! (Sprinkle a little ‘Onion Juice’ (Bermudian flavor) on it). Then SELECT a button to hear each expression pronounced and hear its meaning! For added detail, Select a button to hear the expressions in conversation.  Enjoy!


Expression  SELECT a Button to Hear each Expression. Meaning of Expression  SELECT a Button Below to Hear
a Conversation
Eh Byee!
Can I have your attention please sir (mate) – This is generally said to a male whom you know well, although the term can be used for a female.
Hova you?
How are you?
Um goowut.
I am good.
Vot ya dune’?
What are you doing?
Um goan dahn dee rode…
Down the road.
S’goan’ on?
What is going on?
Nuffin much?
Nothing much…
Eh chek my ace buoy hur. Hiss from out in away!
Meet my friend. He is from overseas
Ya from out in away? Wur to?
Are you from overseas – most often referring to the U.S. as opposed to any other country. Where are you from?
Vait! Vait! Vait byee! Stop! Ver ya goin’?
Wait! Wait! Wait my friend! Stop! Where are you going?
Um backin’ back!
I am reversing…!
Ok. Bak bak byee! Ah help you.
Okay. I will help you. Come back friend!. (more often addressed to a male as opposed to a female)
Danks mate!
Thank you friend.
Hey! Vot ya naaame iyuz?
Hello. What is your name?
Lea me byee!
Leave me alone!
Vot you sayud? Jingus byee, ya rute!
Excuse me, what did you say? Gosh sir/girl (more often addressed to a male) How rude!
Like I sayud… lea me!
As I told you. Leave me alone! Go away!
I jus learned hada make my firs freen pie!
I just learned how to make my first farine pie! (a native dish served on holidays or at celebrations).
Eh naaaaa! Ya shahp!
Well done. I’m impressed. I’m happy for U… You are talented.
N it tayses rill goowut!
And it tastes really good.