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Saga of A Rising Star, Zakiyyah Showers

One of the more rewarding experiences is to see our young people mature and thrive early in life.  This month we are featuring one such young lady, Zakiyyah.  Born in the month of September, 16 year old Zakiyyah has just completed the 11th grade and is concentrating on preparing for her future.  Her hobby is running and although she is very good at it, as she gets older, she is learning the value of balancing her interests with her need [...]

Hearing Bermuda’s Dialect

We hope that you took the time to listen to our Bermudian Expressions on the Chewstick Page. If you haven’t listened yet, we have a very special treat. No, we don’t have a variety of voices speaking our expressions in the Glossary of Expressions and the Conversations, so here is another opportunity to hear a few people using our Bermudian dialect.