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Bermuda and her People

One of the most erroneous situations that occurs, more often than not, when the country of Bermuda is discussed, is that most people who have never visited our Island assume that it is located in the Caribbean.  As a result, people expect us to sound typically like our ancestors from Jamaica.  However if you listen [...]

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The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle, has long been the subject of fascination and intrigue for many. The Bermuda Triangle, the existence of which is not recognized by the US Navy or the US Board on Geographic Names, is a loosely defined area where a number of ships and aircraftshave disappeared. [...]

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Money, Money, Money! US Dollar or Bermuda Dollar?

Travelling to Bermuda is so much easier than visiting to some other countries where currency is concerned.  Why? Because, we use the U.S. dollar just as much as we use our Bermudian currency.  As a result, there really is no need to exchange your dollars to Bermudian currency because if a visitor spends U.S. dollars, [...]

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Interview With Wendell ‘Shine’ Hayward, A Local Legend

Wendell ‘Shine’ Hayward is one of the most well-known musicians in Bermuda. We recently had an opportunity to have a chat with this amazing musician, teacher of music, and talent-builder. Q - Is there such a thing as a “Bermuda sound”? A - Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ”Bermuda Sound,” in my opinion. [...]

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