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Bermuda’s cuisine can be described in many ways. Rich in texture, and flavours, Bermuda’s cuisine is not for the faint-hearted or the calorie counters. Although we used to grow most of our food until about the 1930’s, nowadays most foodstuff is imported. As our island’s population grew, the availability of farm land became more and more limited and we eventually had to resort to importing most of our food from the United States and Canada although, wherever possible, people still grow food in their own little gardens.

Over the years, the culinary scene of Bermuda has changed. With top notched restaurants located all over the island, visitors have a wide array of options to choose from. Along with the local cuisine, our island is also home to a variety of restaurants, including Italian, Indian, Middle-Eastern, Mexican and Oriental restaurants as well as other Caribbean eateries.  One thing Bermuda has done is to ensure that the typical (American) fast-food chains like McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and the like will not be found here as a means to ensure that the unique architecture of Bermuda is preserved.  However one (1) KFC restaurant was able to get in under the radar and it is about the only (American) fast-food chain located in the city of Hamilton.  While there are a number of delightful restaurants and eateries to choose from, we will share just a few of our favourites that you can visit while on Island.

Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio Restaurant

This is a cosy waterfront restaurant located in the Old Towne of St. George, which offers guests the choice of dining indoors, or out on the patio. Owned and operated by Alfred Konard and Geza Wolfe, the restaurant features a delectable selection of dishes with something for everyone. The Bermuda Fish Chowder is a particular specialty at Wahoo’s and has won a few awards. Our favourite dishes are the wahoo nuggets and the Bermuda Triangle – a delightful dish which includes three (3) types of fish.  This establishment also offers other great options such as Angus Beef, daily specials and home-made desserts including their famous (imported) Italian Bindi Gelato. Wahoo’s is a great place to grab a delicious bite, specialty drinks and perhaps one of Chef Geza’s daily creations.

Fish & Tings

Located in ‘back-a-towne’ or north Hamilton (north-east end of the city of Hamilton), Fish & Tings is the place to visit if you have a craving for some Jamaican flavour. The selection at Fish & Tings includes curried goat, oxtail, among many other exotic dishes. Aside from an exclusive menu, this take-out restaurant also offers a great selection of energy drinks and refreshing juices at very reasonable prices.

The Lobster Pot

The coastline of Bermuda has some of the most flavourful seafood ever and the Lobster Pot is another great place to eat if you want to enjoy fresh fish and seafood, prepared to perfection and busting with flavour. Located on Bermudiana Road in the city of Hamilton, The Lobster Pot has been in business as one of the better seafood restaurants on Island for well over 40 years. Some of the most popular options include pan-fried Bermuda rockfish, pan-seared tuna and herb-crusted baked snapper. The restaurant also serves a variety of entrees including chicken, lamb, and fillet mignon. Lobster Pot is very popular, so we suggest that you make a reservation in advance.

Four Ways Inn

Craving for some delicious elegance? Then head out of town to Four Ways Inn, located on Middle Road in Warwick Parish. This is a fine dining establishment with a history of almost 300 years. The restaurant features a menu that includes classic French cuisine as well as innovations from the chef’s own imagination. Four Ways Inn is all about combining expert culinary skills with seasonal ingredients and herbs, picked fresh from the property garden to deliver something sophisticated and unforgettable for diners.

Fairmont Southampton

Located on the south shore of Bermuda, the Fairmont Southampton is a luxurious beach resort that spans across 100 acres. The resort features eight restaurants where anyone can find something to enjoy. Bacci, Wickets, Newport and the Cabana Bar & Grill are only a few of the excellent options at Fairmont Southampton. Everything from Italian cuisine, classic dishes and cocktails all the way to island inspired dishes, an excellent brunch and signature drinks, Fairmont is a great choice for those with a taste for the finer things in life.

Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy

Still looking for the best fish sandwich in the world? Then look no further than Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy! Located ‘back-a-towne’, on St. Monica’s Mission Road, Pembroke Parish, this is where you can get some of the best ‘ea-in’ (eating) in Bermuda. Don’t forget to try their home-made sherbet to finish off your meal.  We assure you that ‘it tayses rill goowut!’ (It tastes really good). It will be an experience you will not forget.

So, there you go! These are some of our favourite restaurants in Bermuda. Honourable mention also goes to Little Venice for delicious Italian cuisine, Portofino for some amazing pizza, Rosa’s for Mexican food and House of India for Indian food. These restaurants are all located in the city of Hamilton in the middle of the island. Needless to say, these are only a few of our favourites among the many other excellent restaurants scattered across our Island. As mentioned earlier, Bermudian cuisine has changed a lot over the years and now, the island offers options from all around the world – something to satisfy any of your cravings.

Wherever you decide to go to enjoy our delactable food, we are certain that it will be a memorable end to a Bermudiful day.